For the past several years Dallas has been hosting children and their families from Poland who travel to
seek medical care needed for correction of congenital anomalies related to Apert’s, Crouzone’s, and
Pfeiffer’s syndromes. Dr. Jeffrey Fearon and several other surgeons affiliated with Medical City Dallas
Children’s Hospital have been correcting those with great patient satisfaction. Dr. Jeffrey Fearon is the
world recognized specialist who cares for children with Apert’s syndrome. The other option for surgical
care for those children is Paris, France. This way of treatment is costly, associated with excess stress and
unnecessary discomfort to families related to staying in a foreign country and intercontinental travel
especially for children shortly after major surgery.

Organization of observership for practicing and already experienced surgeons from Poland with Dr.
Jeffrey Fearon along with other surgeons on his team that would provide Polish surgeons with necessary
training to organize ONE center for the care that would start and continue to provide surgical care for
children with Apert's, Crouzone's, and Pfeiffer’s syndromes in Poland (Project ACP).

1. Duration of training- about 1 year.

During the 1 year period each physician from Poland would travel to Dallas for 3-5 observership
visits supervised by Dr. Jeffrey Fearon and other specialists on his team; each lasting 1- 2 weeks.

2. Location of training. Medical City Dallas Children’s Hospital and medical offices of Dr. Jeffrey Fearon and other physicians affiliated with this hospital. Hospital address: 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX.

3. Specialties included in the training:

a. Craniofacial surgeon

b. Pediatric neurosurgeon

c. Hand surgeon

d. Pediatric anesthesiologist

e. Pediatric ophthalmologist

f.Nurse coordinator




Prepared by:

Malgorzata (Margaret) T. Gajda, MD, FAAP
Krzysztof (Christopher) J. Gajda, MBA, CPA

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4. Plan of the observership:
 a. Preparation for and “hands-off” participation in surgeries and procedures performed by the observership sponsor, e.g., hosting physician.
 b. Participation and learning details of pre-surgery and post-surgery care.
 c. Participation in the outpatient consultations done by sponsors in their offices.
 d. Observation/ learning of rules/tips related to successful care for patients as well as successful multi-specialty team operation.
 (“Hands-off” - physicians in training, due to medical-legal regulations, would not be able to perform surgeries but only observe and discuss cases with hosting physicians.)

5. Selection of candidates for training in Dallas:
On November 11, 2017, we have decided to select Institute of the Mother and Child (Instytut
Matki i Dziecka), located in Warsaw, centrally located in the Capital City of Poland.
During our selection process we have considered the following criteria:
- Experience of all physicians who would be involved in the training and the future
interdisciplinary team of specialists;
- Research and international experience in the medical/surgical area;
- Location of the hospital; - Physical location of the offices of the future team members.

6. Organization of the training in Dallas:
a. Big Small Heart Foundation agreed to be the legal entity responsible for ACP Project but direct
overseeing of project would be done by a special group selected from Polish organizations in
b. In January of 2018 we will request that IMiD provides all the necessary documents needed to
obtain Operating Room access at Medical City in Dallas Children’s Hospital.
c. Selected medical team members from Poland will be required to sign legal documents that
will obligate them to use learned techniques in Poland and assure the continuation of care within
the medical center selected. Those documents would be prepared by a legal team in Poland.
Also, we will request that the administration of IMiD sign an agreement that would stipulate
that the future medical care, provided by the team trained in the USA, be based on the quality
standards developed by ACPA-CFP (American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association).
d. Dr. Jeffrey Fearon agreed to provide training free of charge. We have a similar agreement with
Dr. David Sacco. We are in the process of obtaining those agreements from other specialists.
e. Final schedule of training will be developed after the first successful observership by Polish
team leader with Dr. Jeffrey Fearon that is scheduled for April 2018. (schedule of trips, order of
training specialties, and how many trips would be needed for each specialty, etc.)
f. ACP Project would pay for trainees:
 - travel to/from USA
 - lodging during training
 - car rental and phone rental for the duration of stay
 - small/ stipend to cover living expenses during the stay 


7. Cost of the ACP Project
We estimate the total cost of the project to be about $140,000.00; or about $5,000.00 for one trip and
1-2 weeks stay in Dallas for each trainee.
For comparison, one trip/surgery for one child coming to Dallas is $25,000.00 - $30,000.00 and an
the average patient with Apert’s syndrome requires 3-5 surgeries in the first 2 years of life.

8. Legal and Financial Organization of the Project
a) Bozena Niemczyk-Drania, Esq., the attorney who practices law in Poland agreed to represent and
provide legal counsel for the project in Poland. Her firm agreed to provide this representation
without compensation.
b) We are considering the need for similar legal representation in the USA.
c) We are seeking to attain a reputable accounting firm in Dallas, Texas to manage Project’s books and control financial expenditures.

9. Project Sponsorship
We are hoping to reach out to all the people in Poland and the United States who support this great project and are willing to sponsor it.
a) We need help to reach out to all individuals and not only charity organizations to help to collect money.
b) We contacted Polish government and received "blessing” for the Project but they are not able to provide any funds for it.
 c) We reached out to the President of RP Mr. Duda and we are still in communication with his office
(they may consider honorary sponsorship, but not much financial help).
Any funds can be deposited at: ACP Project is fairly expensive but not unattainable. If completed in a timely manner it can make a real
difference and have a positive impact among lots of children born with complex head and hand anomalies.