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David came to the world with a serious disability of all limbs. His biological parents immediately gave him to the orphanage. I was one of the "aunts" who is trying to ensure that the sick, unwanted children have a substitute for love and home. But David stole my heart very much and made me want to do something more for him: to give him a chance because beyond sadness in his eyes, he is one of the most amazing little warriors I have ever met.

The husband and I have decided to adopt David and to do everything in our power to help him walk someday. At the turn of 2016 and 2017, thanks to the immense support of people with good hearts, David began a long, painful and burdensome treatment. It was not easy, but thanks to David’s resolve he can walk! Earlier it was hard to believe, almost impossible, but Dr. Paley made this miracle! What it seems like centuries of pain and suffering associated with a very long orthopedic treatment, it brought a tremendously positive effect. Both physically and emotionally our David today feels much better. We see in this small man a great potential, thanks to which he will surely find his place in adult life. Only if given a chance….


Thanks to wonderful donors like yourself, Iga's surgery was a complete sucess!!!

NONE of this would be possible without you.

Thank you all for your kindness!


Iga is a sweet, warm and helpful girl, but due to her disorder and misfortune, she has faced. She has been deprived almost entirely of a carefree childhood and has been forced to struggle with unimaginable hardships and daily pain. Iga’s brain is growing, but her skull is not… her condition is getting more and more dire. That is why we are asking you to help us collect funds for the surgery which the future of Iga depends on! We cannot do it without you. Every penny counts. Every penny takes us one small step closer to the goal. 

Having gone through so much pain and suffering already, Iga finally has a chance for a better life. It is a surgery called Le Fort III, which can be conducted at the Craniofacial Center, Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas, USA by an outstanding craniofacial specialist – Dr. Jeffrey Fearon. During the surgery, the skull is cut through across the orbital walls and special metal plates are fixed to the bones using screws. Over the next weeks, they are gradually separated, bringing the midface out. Thanks to that, Iga will be able to breathe, swallow, speak and see normally. 

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